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One mans trash, another mans pleasure
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Established (after strong suggestion) in 2020 as an outlet (alternative to daily photobombing my friends) for my finds as they mounted while COVID snowballed.

The people, the places, the things, whatever your pleasure is, we’re here to get dirty so you don’t have to.

 Who doesn’t love some good porn?

Reseller Ramblings

Experiment Days 5-7

Notes and data from Day 4 of my Platform Experiment. Given my FB jail status, I had to take a few days off from new experiment listings (which is ok, I knew I wouldn't list them everyday). Decided to just combine the days until I resumed full capacity given not much...

Experiment Day 4 – Dec 2

Notes and data from Day 4 of my Platform Experiment. Sort of bad news, late in the evening I got notified that my FB account was restricted. All around profile/account, not just FBMP, but I’m unable to comment, post or list new items for 2 days. No clue what or why,...

Experiment Day 3 – Dec 1

Notes and data from Day 3 of my Platform Experiment.Listed Formally listed 3 ‘new’ per experiment rules - home decor items. Crossed about 24 more between platforms that were not new. Just old and old-old stuff I’m wanting to more. (19) new listed on eBay (excluded...